About Us

Our story begins in 1998. We always welcome families from all around the world.

Children can start at the age of two and stay with us until the age of six. Our classrooms are bright and airy, and provide the children with room for all the activities our nursery offers. 

We welcome children who speak little or no English at home and they learn English during the day in our school. Good nursery education is so important to a child’s formative years, and fosters an enthusiasm and confidence that will remain with them throughout their school life.

It is widely accepted that children in this age group learn and achieve more than at any other stage in their school life, and this makes choosing the right nursery school crucial While having fun they are developing the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive developments they need to succeed — not just in their next school, but throughout their lives.

Our Goal

Our aim is to provide a safe and caring environment, where children can gain a positive approach to school and education, feel secure and can gain confidence. They learn to care for, and respect each other, and learning how to be part of a group.

Our experienced and dedicated staff help the children to become successful, confident, and caring individuals to society.

Our Educational Philosophy

  • We increase our students’ creativity.
  • We encourage our students to think, question and express theirselves.
  • We value their ideas.
  • We arrange the environment for them to explore and search.
  • We promote their learning by doing.
  • We observe their interest and abilities and meet their needs.
  • We focus on the learning process not on the result.
  • We teach them to love and care for the nature.

Our Teaching Staff

Owner – Pedagogue Zeliha Venedik

Salzburg University, Pedagogy

Yıldız Technical University, Guidance and Psychological Counseling

School Coordinator – Gamze Altın

Toronto Downsview Secondary School
York University- Psychology
Doğuş University – English Psychology
Gebze Technical University – Family Counseling
Trauma Psychosocial Support Team Instructor

Sanem tunç

English Teacher – Sanem Tunç

Kocaeli University – English Language and Literature

Teacher – Dilek Kalyoncu

Bartın University – Child Development

Teacher - Cansu Akın

Medipol University, Child Development

Teacher – Buse Yaren Kurban

Bahçeşehir University – Child Development
İstanbul Academy – Creative Drama Program

Ballet Teacher - Zeynep Morelli

Royal Academy of Dance, Ballet Education